Jobs priority

NO ONE could possibly argue against – “Creating jobs must be top priority” (Barry Prismall, August 19).

But by their actions, some do argue against that proposition.

Just today a mining operation on the West Coast has shut down in no small part because of continuing objections to its operation.

A very substantial industry (forestry) has been reduced to a backyard operation by protesters using every trick in the book to make it as internationally uncompetitive and therefore uneconomic as possible – result: hundreds of jobs lost.

Sure, some jobs are being created – call centres, agriculture and aquaculture and in some of the tourist sectors – but too many see these as “gains” when they are really offsets to major job losses.

Governments are right to get tough at those whose active protesting affects the proper operation of work sites with employment suffering as a result.

What is often most galling is that those “professional” protest groups will talk loud and often that there are “better alternatives” to their targeted industries.

They rarely – more often never – appear: they are the mythical reasons why something should go.

In any event we don’t want just alternative jobs, we want – desperately need – to keep every present job and add another 10,000 a year.

Locally and nationally this should be a priority for every politician.


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