Rural roads send Debbie postal

Debbie Prest knows a thing or two about the local roads.

As a contractor for Australia Post she travels some 44,772 kilometres every year. And up until October 2012 she served four years on Young Shire Council.

So having served time on both sides of the fence – she’s no longer content to sit in the middle.

“I’m calling you Edwina because I am fed up,” she said on Monday from her mobile phone.

At that point Deb was sitting 35 kilometres north west of Young on Blayneys Road which weaves toward the Weddin Moun-tains.

“When I was serving as a councillor [council’s director of operations] Dirk Wymer promised us the best roads in 20 years and I am asking where are they?” She said.

She’s well qualified to judge – the 287 kilometre journey Debbie takes three times a week sees her travel from Young along some of the shire’s more remote rural roads, stretching from Lirambenda in the north, across to Bimbi to the west and further west to Longhursts Road, which just skirts the edges of Morangarell. Her journey back to Young weaves through the village of Bribbaree, the back roads of Thuddungra.

On Monday she did most of this journey in her station wagon at 40 kilometres per hour. Worst roads were Ashville School Road, Blayneys Road and Barries Lane.

Peppered with potholes and water laying across the road, mud patches that have her sliding from side to side, she wonders how the people who regularly use those routes to travel to Grenfell and Forbes.

And she’s frequently asked why she doesn’tdrive a four wheel drive.

“Why should I – I’m driving on a public road – these roads should be able to be used by everyone,” she said.

“People always say you know when you’re in the Young shire because the roads are so bad but I am here to tell you as soon as you cross the creek and hit the Weddin Shire the roads are beautiful,” she said.

She contends that the funding given to council following the devastating floods of 2010 and 2012 should have been put to better use.

“We got around $4 million in funding on top of the usual allocated road funds and I can’t see how that has been spent,” she said.

“There’s no gravel on the roads, the formwork is terrible, the drains are located in inappropriate places and in some instances guide posts have been graded into the ground – I mean how much is one of those?”

She says that residents of these outlying areas were disgusted.

Rural roads send Debbie postal Baileys Road

Bribbaree village

Blayneys Road

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